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Business Scene

The trade volume of Jordanian pharmaceuticals reached $160 million in 2000, 40 percent belongs to the local market. Seventeen companies are manufacturing pharmaceuticals in Jordan with a total capital of $450 million.

* The trade volume of Jordanian pharmaceuticals reached $160 million in 2000, 40 percent belongs to the local market. Seventeen companies are manufacturing pharmaceuticals in Jordan with a total capital of $450 million. About 75 percent of these are owned by the private sector with a trade volume estimated at $90 million. Foreign investments in local pharmaceutical companies make up 15 percent of the overall capital.

* Jordanís debts stood at JD 5.91 billion in March. It comprises about 93.8 percent of the gross national product. Foreign debts were estimated in March at JD 4.9 billion, while the debt service reached JD 64.3 million. Local debts increased in the same period by 1 percent to JD 1.01 billion. Meanwhile, public revenues increased by JD 13.5 million to reach JD 240.3 million in March, including the JD 72.7 million the government earned from the implementation of the final part of Sales Tax since January.

* The gas pipeline between Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon will start pumping gas in 2004. The $700 million-pipeline will pass through from Egyptís Al Arish seaport to Amman and Irbid before heading to the Syrian capital, Damascus, and ending in Tripoli in Lebanon. A huge local company will be established in the Kingdom to construct the pipeline in Jordan. The length of the pipeline is estimated at 950 kilometers.

* The Jordan Islamic Bank made JD 3 million in profits last year. Assets at the bank increased in 2000 by 12.8 percent to reach JD 583.2 million, while its accounts grew by 14 percent to JD 738 million. The bank has a capital of JD 38.5 million, making up 11 percent of local financial investments.

* Jordan will join an international electricity network by 2010. Minister of Energy Wael Sabri noted the network is to cover Europe, Asia and Africa and will provide Jordan with more than 2000 megawatts of electricity. Sabri also indicated that the Kingdom will operate in 2003 three power generating stations powered by the wind. Tenders for these stations are expected to be released next December.

* The Irbid Electricity Co. has allocated JD 6 million this year to its efforts to facilitate the expansion of the power network north of Jordan. The company is providing electricity for about 99 percent of the inhabitants in the area and is expected to include the remaining 1 percent before the end of 2001. About JD 2 million of the budget is allocated to rural areas. Last year, the company undertook development projects in the north worth JD 4.5 million.

* Preparations are underway at the Ministry of Water to set up a JD 3 million-project at the Jordan Valley to develop a new network of water supply. The project is to provide 2 million cubic meters of water for the inhabitants of the area. The project is expected to be completed by October 2001, and is the second phase of a JD 5 million plan to develop the water network north of Amman. *

A consortium of five banks in Jordan are financing the building of a new Marriott spa at the Dead Sea. The JD 17 million-project is being conducted by the Touristic Business Co., JD 7 million of which is financed by the banking consortium. The new hotel, which is expected to accommodate 220 rooms, will start operation in mid-2003, and the Touristic Business Co. has the authority to run the hotel for the next 20 years.

* The International Tobacco and Cigarettes Co. signed a JD 14.3 million-merger with Al Iqbal Investments Co. A new 11-member board of directors will be elected soon for the new corporation, with assets valued at JD 53 million.

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