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Jordan Telecom launches country’s first internet bill payment system in partnership with the Jordan National Bank

e-dimension accomplishes a great achievement in giving access to e-payment & e-government

Jordan Telecom and e-dimension today announced, under the Patronage of His Excellency Dr. Michel Marto, Minister of Finance, the launch of several new services to its customers through the internet.

Customers starting from Sept 21st, 2003 can pay their phone bills through the first e-payment gateway provided by e-dimension , a subsidiary of Jordan Telecom. JT customers can also subscribe to new services and modify the features of their line through JT’s Internet customer care service.

These two initiatives mark a turning point in the delivery of e-services and signify the start of full e-commerce opportunities in Jordan, passing a significant milestone in Jordan’s bid to become a regional ICT hub and the delivery of e-government services.

“The significance of this is enormous for Jordan,” said Laurent Mialet, Jordan Telecom CEO. “This is a pioneering move for the Jordan Telecom Group and especially for e-dimension and puts us among the region’s leaders in the provision of ICT services. By implementing the Internet bill payment system ourselves, we are not only giving customers great benefits, but demonstrating what can be done to improve services by using the Internet to other companies. We’re particularly proud that Jordanian-developed software is at the heart of these solutions. The ICT community now has the green-light to develop their own versions of great Internet-based companies, such as Amazon, eBay and expedia with nothing standing in their way.”

The Jordan Telecom Group, through its subsidiary e-dimension, developed the e-payment gateway to link merchants with Jordanian banks.

This secure mechanism for accepting and clearing credit card payments electronically has enabled Jordan Telecom to implement its own online bill payment solution. The new system, which goes live today for its pilot customers, is hoped to convert the payment method of up to 40,000 voice and data lines to the free online service by the end of the year. Leading to greater efficiencies for the company, reducing the billing cycle time for online customers and delivering better access and convenience to customers. The e-payment gateway is also available for use by the government, utility companies, e-commerce businesses and Jordan’s growing base of IT entrepreneurs.

“Customers using the e-payment gateway to pay phone bills, order groceries from the supermarket or pay governmental departments can rest assured that their payments are secure,” said Tamouh Khouli, CEO of e-dimension.

“The e-payment Gateway was built to guarantee the highest security and encryption levels and thus assures that payment was completed successfully. Also all transactions between JT and its customers are dealt with complete confidentiality.

The payment gateway was developed using the most advanced networks, and has a mechanism to detect fraud and encrypts information between the banks and the merchants through a virtual private network (VPN) system built to the International standards for credit and debit card systems. Customers can also be assured that they are protected by a very comprehensive Electronic Transaction Law, which together with the payment gateway should stimulate lots of activity in this area.”

In order to boost the demand for the gateway and bill payment service e-dimension will be launching, in partnership with the Jordan National Bank, the e-dimension MasterCard, which will be available free of charge to the Jordan Telecom Group’s top 100,000 customers.

Customers will be able to access their accounts by logging onto www.jordantelecom.jo and following the instructions to register for online access.

“The privacy and security of our customers was top of the agenda when we were designing the Internet Bill payment system, as well as making sure we optimised all of the opportunities that the new system presented,” said Rula Ammuri, acting CIO, Jordan Telecom. “The new Internet Customer Care (ICC) service is much more than a real-time payment method, as customers can now make changes to their telecommunications needs, such as activating a new line, at the click of a button.”

The Internet bill payment architecture was developed in-house at Jordan Telecom, in consultation with France Telecom. Further phases of the project will allow customers to activate and configure more services online. Studies will be made into the feasibility of providing pre-paid cards for those who do not have credit or debit facilities. JT will be providing PC kiosks in its customer service centres across the country along with trained staff, to assist customers who do not have other means to access the Internet.

About Jordan Telecom

Jordan Telecom, established in 1971, is the provider of Jordan’s only fixed line network (Jordan Telecom), an ISP (Global One), a GSM operator (MobileCom) and Internet content delivery services (e-dimension). Jordan Telecom has the exclusivity on fixed line voice and data transport until end of 2004 and provides a highly-developed fixed line network which forms the backbone of Jordan’s communication services.

The privatization of the company in January 1997 and the partnership with France Telecom, in January 2000 have allowed the company to make major investments in the network and services offered. A Data Communications Network and an Internet Access Project has created the national IT hub, which includes national switching and international connectivity through Flag and satellite, as well as establishing a state-of-the-art digital network covering 98 percent of the population. The partnership with France Telecom proved to be the most advanced global telecommunications merger in the Kingdom, paved the way for the government's shares to go public in the company’s IPO at the end of 2002.

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