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GARTNER and int@j Deliver ‘GARTNER Information Session’

int@j partnered with Gartner to hold a half day seminar entitled ‘Gartner Information Session’.

The Session, which was held at the Jordan Intercontinental Hotel on Tuesday 13 January, 2004, featured Dr. Gordon Frank, Director, Gartner Consulting, and Gartner Eastern-Mediterranean Region, who has over thirty years of experience in Information Technology, in both academic and industrial positions.

In the last three years, global IT spending has plummeted, and everyone associated within the industry; users, vendors, and investors alike, has suffered. However, recovery is in the making, and Dr. Frank uses the session to inform the attendees on Gartner’s predictions on the future of IT; the emerging technologies; and the strategies and missions that should be on the CIO’s agenda to drive enterprise effectiveness.

Mr. Ra’ed Bilbessi, CEO of int@j, kicked off the session by welcoming Dr. Frank, and the attendees. Mr. Bilbessi commended Gartner, stating that “Gartner research is one of the best resources for obtaining information on how ICT affects your business, and has a team of analysts and experts that provide research with unparalleled breadth, depth and clarity.”

Mr. Bilbessi then mentioned int@j’s recent agreement with Gartner to provide its members with an online research service where members can have unlimited access to Gartner researches from int@j premises at a reasonable fee. Mr. Bilbessi stressed the importance of this service, and urged the Members to take advantage of this pool of information.

Following his speech, Mr. Ala Shaban, General Manager of Gartner Jordan, gave a few remarks about Gartner. “Gartner is a research and advisory firm that helps clients around the world to leverage technology to achieve their business success,” said Mr. Shaban. He then went to mention the different services offered by Gartner which consist of Research, Consulting, Measurement, Events and Executive Programs. Mr. Shaban stated that currently, Gartner has over 4,000 associates, including approximately 1,000 research analysts and consultants, in more than 75 locations worldwide.

Mr. Shaban then gave way for Dr. Frank who presented the attendees with the anticipated predictions in IT for the next five years.

Outlining issues such as the most crucial challenges to IT; which market forces and end-user behaviors will dominate IT; which technology advances will dominate the IT landscape; how will the confluence of market forces, end-user behaviors and technology advances affect IT and society; and who will be selling the winning technologies.

“The combination of key technology advances, architectural changes, market forces and best practices will lead to a strong recovery for IT in the near future. However, the resulting, huge impact will be positive and negative. On the positive side, massive productivity improvements, significant increases in demand and enormous infusions of true innovation will occur. On the negative side, hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of workers will be displaced — many of them currently holding high-paying, white-collar positions.” said Dr. Frank.

According to Dr. Frank, one of the challenges currently facing IT Industry is not due to lack of demand, it is self-inflicted. Challenges such as a fragile infrastructure that is both complex and expensive, high costs of IT and elusive financial returns, create a great impact on the advancement in technology in the upcoming years. Such advancements, according to Dr. Frank, will include a massive shift in software architecture; computing infrastructure will become virtual, and networks will go wireless broadband.

Dr. Frank then presented the attendees with the topic: ‘Chief Information Officer (CIO) Agenda 2003-2004: Drive Enterprise Effectiveness’.

During his presentation, Mr. Frank stated that this economy and the speed at which business wants to operate makes it impossible for CIO’s to deliver a 100 percent solution to each opportunity or demand, as they strove to do during the technology boom. But in the past few years, they have been required to make some trade-offs. These new realities fly in the face of traditional IS operating assumptions. The key is for the CIO to be sensitive to what the organization needs and the degree of risk the company is willing to accept.

Dr. Frank then concluded the session by giving a presentation on the emerging technologies, and how they will transform industries and business functions. Mr. Frank stated that there are three major technology trends that underlie a range of trends across industries and business functions; the connected society, which will evolve as a consequence of citizens having easy access to wireless bandwidth and personal mobile or wearable devices; the smart networked objects which will become prevalent as the cost of radio frequency identification (RFID) and other tagging technology falls dramatically during the next decade; and semantic connectivity which will be required to fully realize the opportunities created by physical connectivity.

After touching on the different aspects of technology and how it has integrated in our workplace, and how it has affected various industries, Dr. Frank examined the cross-industry lessons that can be learned from best-in-class technology applications and business processes and provided the attendees with a list of recommendations to consider such as building scenarios to envision how the major trends of a connected society, smart networked objects and semantic integration will impact each industry, to learn from the leaders within the industries, to look out for best-in-class applications relevant to business processes, and to focus on the major upcoming opportunities and challenges offered by the connected enterprise and the ongoing data explosion.

Following each presentation, a Question and Answer session took place, where the attendees had the opportunity to interact with the IT expert.

About Gartner

Gartner, Inc. is the world leader in providing research and advisory firm that helps more than 10,000 clients leverage technology to achieve business success. Gartner’s businesses consist of Research, Consulting, Measurement, Events and Executive Programs. Founded in 1979, Gartner is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut and has over 3,800 associates, including approximately 1,000 research analysts and consultants, in more than 75 locations worldwide

About int@j

The Information Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) was founded in May 2000 as a voluntary non-profit, private organization. The mission of int@j is to effectively represent, promote, and advance the Jordanian software and IT services industry in the global market. int@j aims not only at promoting members, but at creating a positive and lasting impression of the Jordanian creative determination to become the ICT success story of the Middle East.

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