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Young leaders in perspective : Sharif Abu Khadra

Selling a product takes more than a billboard ad or a 30 second television spot; it takes creativity. For the past nine years, Team & Young managed to add a new dimension to creativity and to the advertising business in Jordan.

Team & Young, a part of The Holding Group (THG) which is the Middle East’s largest advertising and communications enterprise, was established in 1995 as a full-brand advertising agency with a client lineup such as Jordan Telecom, Mobilecom, Bank of Jordan, Royal Jordanian, Colgate and Palmolive.

“For the past four years we have led the advertising market as the top brand agency with the biggest advertising expenditure. We’ve also been able to position ourselves at the forefront, in terms of creativity, having set the record for most won awards at the Jordan Advertising Awards for two consecutive years,” commenced Managing Director of Team & Young, Sharif Abu Khadra.

With a BA in International Business from George Washington University, Washington DC in 1991, in addition to taking few extra mural courses in Advertising, Abu Khadra inadvertently joined the world of advertising. Following graduation his next step was within the family’s business that revolved around tourism and travel related financial services; however, faced with its limitations and knowing that he couldn’t be confined to a routine job, he ended up managing a local design agency that resulted in a two-year experience. “I was very attracted to the liberty and creativity of the advertising industry.

So finally in 1995, my brother and I set-up a small advertising agency, which luckily turned out to be a successful venture and has taken off ever since. I guess you could say I was destined to get into the business,” Abu Khadra reminisced. Any business has its own sets of A’s and Z’s. For advertising, it revolves around ‘C’, which stands for creativity. “It was a learning process from day one, and continues to be so.

Our industry itself is a creative one, and by definition that means it is very dynamic and ever-changing; so you really have to continually be in tune with where the industry is heading and move accordingly with it,” reiterated Abu Khadra. Regarded as one of the world’s competitive businesses, advertising requires a certain degree of flair; to an aspiring young Jordanian that might raise many obstacles. “Well, I wouldn’t describe them as obstacles per se, but rather as challenges that were ultimately overcome.

Our biggest challenge, starting out at a very young age, was securing credibility as serious businessmen. It is not easy when you’re in your early 20’s to gain clients’ trust, or to be taken seriously even in a free-market economy. So we really had to work hard to establish ourselves and change such perceptions,” answered Abu Khadra, and added, “Other challenges included having to go through registration and licensing with the different government departments, which were somewhat lengthy and time consuming, but nonetheless necessary.”

As Jordan’s leading advertising agency, according to Abu Khadra, Team & Young is quite an undertaking, especially when it is driven by conviction and search for excellence. “In recent years the Jordanian advertising industry evolved dramatically resulting in quite a competitive market. The competition has naturally proved to have a very positive impact, by raising the standards for the local creative product,” added Abu Khadra. Abu Khadra, whose work time is fully dedicated to Team &Young believes that in order to be successful in business one must have a vision accompanied with commitment and dedication, in addition to maintaining a neck to neck race with time.

These elements would certainly advance one’s business right into the future. “Well, the communications industry has been shifting globally towards specialization because that is the future of the business. We too have realized that, and having succeeded in achieving our objectives for Team &Young we are now focusing on developing other specialized services,” concluded Abu Khadra, “We have already begun this process by launching other communication fields including ASDA’A Public Relations and direct marketing—Wunderman—and expanded on our media services. This actually has been done in parallel with their regional launch, so we are progressing with the ever-changing market trends and are looking into expanding further them.”

Mike Derderian
The Star

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