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Expo Russia 2005 prods Jordanian interest

The three-day 4th Russian Industrial Exhibition “Expo Russia 2005” was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Amman on March 1, with the participation of about 70 public and private Russian companies specialized in various industries ranging from agriculture, tourism, water and security to heavy industries.

It came two weeks after the recent visit by President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Yevgeny Primakov to Jordan, which culminated in setting up the Russian-Jordanian Business Council, as part of the Russian-Arab Business Council. There were newcomers to this year’s exhibition; representatives of the Russian company “Neftegazexport” were seen talking to Jordanian officials over the possibility of joint ventures in integrated oil and water projects. Vladimir Fomichev, head of the Cooperation Department for Middle East and South East Asia, said the company would propose plans to take part in building water pipes and channels in Jordan.

Specialized in oil, Fomichev said his company used to have an oil project worth 600 million euros in Iraq prior to the US-led war two years ago. “There is certainly no oil excavations yet available in Jordan, but we like to be present here through water projects that are more vital for the Kingdom,” he told The Star. The Green-Pik Corp is another leading company, which introduces a unique technology that enhances the quality of agriculture. The technique improves soil’s fertility and yield productivity based on organic husbandry.

According to the company’s General Director Sergey Konin, it is purely an ecological process, which converts organic waste into bio-humus—a natural refined fertilizer—through the action of earthworms named Staratel. The basic element of this technology is transforming the organic waste into ecological substances, by exposing them to Staratel, which was hybridized at the corporation’s labs in the Russian city of Vladimir, about 200 km to the east of Moscow. It is part of a program that aims at meeting the rising public demand for exclusive-quality products and at modernizing agricultural procedures.

By using bio-humus, Konin said, the program raises the amount and quality of a crop of vegetables and fruits by three times the normal farming techniques. For businessmen, the program provides a highly profitable business. The founder of this unique technology is Russian professor, Anatoly Igonin, who discovered Staratel by chance. “The most striking advantage of Staratel is that they keep walking all year long, even in winter when all other worms are hibernating,” said Selim Abu Elaun, Green-Pik’s director of the Foreign Economic Activity Dept. “They are considered the most prolific.

Every earthworm breeds 1500 species in one year. All conditions were created in our vermin-farms for their normal vital activity. During the day the healthy earthworm processes soil equal to its own weight.” Every 20,000 worms within one square meter produce 10 kg of bio-humus, which consists of nematode properties—a substance that annihilates agricultural pests or suppresses their development. Green-Pik produces in average 30,000 tons of liquid fertilizers daily, while it also produces solid fertilizers at the rate of 3000 tons a day. The main moving power of the program is the private business that Konin and his colleagues run as a basis for responsible business management. Regional businessmen are also invited to find out the new advanced technology that consummates the advantages of vermin-cultivation. “The program’s social importance and economic efficiency provide fine results for everyone involved in agriculture,” he explained. Konin told The Star that he is hopeful to have business partnerships with Jordanians, notably in agriculture, so as to transfer the Russian know-how to the Kingdom. His company already has moderate contacts with Arab businesses but Konin wishes to strengthen them into more productive joint ventures. “We would take the chance of being present in Jordan to demonstrate our technology to the Arab agricultural manufacturers as well,” Abu Elaun said. “Many of the Arab countries, similar to Jordan, enjoy pleasant sunny weather and water resources but lack the proper technology to increase soil’s fertility. Green-Pik’s technology helps them in enhancing the quality and quantity of their agricultural products,” Abu Elaun explained.

Another participant in the Russian expo is the Termo-Kont Ltd, one of the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of medical reusable containers. The company produces small cold boxes and vaccine carriers that ensure stable temperature storage for several days at ambient higher degrees. The World Health Organization sanctioned the containers, which were classified at various ranges between 8-liter and 80-liter capacity. The company also produces ice bags designed for carrier inner temperature control.

It produces, on average, 50,000 containers a year. Anatoly Ushakov, leading expert of the cold chain in Russia, said the containers are very popular in the Middle East, but maintained that such containers are vital for medical institutions that look for temporary storage and transportation of donor blood and organs, as well as for public use. “In hot countries, these containers are successfully used not only for medical purposes but as coolers for temporary storage of foodstuffs, especially when power supply is temporarily cut off or interrupted,” Ushakov said. “We in Russia often suffer from the cold chain where we try to retain the potency of the temperature-sensitive medical preparations during their storage or transport.

The goal of our business is not to forsake health for making money, but instead, to reasonably spend money for the sake of health,” he pointed out. Research and production company, Specoborudovanie, is another Russian leader in developing, manufacturing and applying technical facilities and security systems. The company developed the first vibrating cable perimeter intrusion detection system, called “Diamante”, which has a high efficiency function confirmed by 10 years of highly successful application. Recently, another perimeter intrusion detection system called “Amethyst” was developed, where obstacle vibrations are transformed into electrical signals. It was the first visit by Sergey Fedyaev, the company’s commercial director, to Jordan. He told The Star that he is looking for “valuable partnerships that would help in promoting his company both in Jordan and the region.” Meanwhile, Expo Russia 2005 featured close contacts between Russian businessmen on one part with their counterparts in Jordan and Iraq.

A seminar on “Jordan-Iraq-Russia: Ways of economic cooperation” was held on the sideline of the exhibition. With a volume of trade between Russia and Jordan of about $50 million in 2004, the Expo Russia 2005 comes as a vital opportunity for businessmen, in Jordan and the region, to explore the latest in Russian industries. President of Jordan’s Chamber of Commerce, Haidar Murad stressed at the show’s opening that bilateral trade leaves much to be desired, “as mutual trade remains at such a low level that doesn’t reflect both countries’ desires for close economic ties.”

Ghassan Joha
The Star

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