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Young entrepreneurs are the focus

The program supplements efforts by His Majesty King Abdallah and the Jordanian government emphasizing enhancements for Jordanian youth in the development process.

JORDAN (Star) - AMMAN (Star)-In keeping with its mission of creating outstanding entrepreneurs in the Kingdom, the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) met on Monday to launch the "Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs Program."
Its intent is to identify Jordanian youths with entrepreneurial spirit, training them to become some of the most skilled, competent and outstanding future entrepreneurs in Jordan.

The launching ceremony held at the residence of British Ambassador Edward Chaplin featured the partnership of YEA and INJAZ-the Economic Opportunities for Jordanian Youth program-and the British Council.

In his opening speech Chaplin praised YEA's initiative, noting it would enhance social and economic development in Jordan. "The YEA has a very important role to play to allow Jordanian youths to take part in the development process, helping Jordan stand on its own feet," Chaplin told The Star.

The ambassador said the program supplements efforts by His Majesty King Abdallah and the Jordanian government emphasizing enhancements for Jordanian youth in the development process. Programs similar to the YEA's eventually "encourage the private sector to provide the required employment skills and jobs through education and training courses," stressed Chaplin.

Over the last several years entrepreneurship became a vital part of the economy of many countries. The YEA has decided to shift its attention to Jordanian youth to plant the seeds for later growth.

YEA President Laith Al Qassem pointed out the significance of meeting requirements of educational and work development. "Education and workforce development should rank as one of Jordan's key development priorities," Al Qassem said, reviewing YEA's Jordan Vision 2020 Initiative released two years ago.

With about 43 percent of Jordan's population below the age of 15, Al Qassem noted "efforts should be focused on ensuring these ever-growing numbers of students receive quality education and marketable skills through training during university years."

YEA's program consists of yearlong internship program, which provides university students the opportunity to explore their field by creating productive links between work and education.

YEA members who own and run their own private sector institutions will take part in hosting student interns at their companies, providing the student a clear and well-defined work activity. The students will receive comprehensive computer and English language training courses and undergo full support from company representatives.

The YEA hopes to promote and encourage voluntary work throughout the private sector, raising awareness of the importance of investing in our youth's future now to guarantee a generation of young professionals capable of creating businesses and establishing ventures to fulfill their own ideas.

Reema Bakhit, a Business Administration student at the University of Jordan, believes such a program is essential for her fellows. "The program is so impressive. It gives youths more proficiency to go into the real business environment," explained the 20-year-old BA student. She has already participated in the INJAZ program saying, "I decided to begin my endeavor earlier to finish my university filled with the profession requirements."

"Youths need to start their own companies. Producing wealth in their country will surely build the prosperity of Jordan's future," Chaplin concluded.

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