IntelSoft is a multi-service information technology firm, delivering individually tailored services on a flexible, as-needed basis. We cater to all of business’ information technology needs, from customized software creation to educational workshops for employees.

Established in 1994, IntelSoft was designed to fill a pressing need in the Jordanian market, namely the small and medium size business sector. The current dynamism of these businesses worldwide underscores the necessity of providing quality programs to this undeserved sector. Additionally, small and medium size firms constitute the majority of Jordanian business.

Business’ need to remain competitive in the domestic and global marketplaces demands the use of new information technologies. Our goal is to help increase the overall efficiency and performance of Jordanian businesses through the implementation of cost-effective information technology.
IntelSoft seeks to prepare business for global competition not only through software solutions, but by investing in the human capital potential in the domestic market. IntelSoft provides regular support for all our programs, including on-site training. In addition, we offer general computer training workshops along with more specialized classes geared to educate and up-grade business practices to international standards.

As worries regarding potential computer hazards in the year 2000 arose, IntelSoft added the Y2k problem to our list of regularly offered services. Our Y2k department was created to inform business about the problem and facilitate access to a speedy resolution.

Our regular consultancy services include:
on-site testing and evaluation of current programs
needs and efficiency assessment
potential upgrading of current programs
customized software program design
maintenance and trouble-shooting
Y2k assessment and resolution
employee training and workshops
network installation and support
web site creation and internet sales programs
multimedia information and tourist programs designed for the consumer market
targeted software programs including product tracking, inventory and sales accounts, and client lists