MAZAYA EST. was founded in 1993 with an objective to enrich our clients with unique services and products utilizing our expertise in the field of interior design, space management, and supplying our projects with furniture for offices, boardrooms, conference halls, schools and universities' theaters and auditoriums & exhibition halls. Our expertie & crew can offer space planning to create the ideal environment to meet your needs.We can assist you in selecting furniture scheme for your work place environment be it for one single item or furnishing an entire project and help you style your own unique office that meets your budgetary requirements.

MAZAYA offers a wide variety of furniture solutions: classical, modern and system furniture, of European and American origin for all needs. Baring in mind that all furniture is Cable Management ready. We insure scheduled delivery & installation, after sale service & maintenance. The after sales service department is equipped with well-trained technicians and foremen to ensure the execution of maintenance in the most professional manner and without comprising the integrity of the furniture.
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