The Middle East Defence and Security agency (MEDSA) was formed in 1984 in response to the growing demand in Jordan for commercially available security services. Although State Security provides adequately for the general public, it was never designed to cater for institutions or privet individuals who, for one reason or another, feel the need for greater protection.

MEDSA is a private Jordanian registered company.
MEDSA is primarily concerned with the provision and training of security guards. Experience has proved that those from a military or police background are best suited to the Profusion and this is borne out by the fact that all of the Company's staff are retired servicemen, many of whom have served with elite corps in the Jordan Armed Forces such as the Royal Guard and Special Forces.

The fact that manpower is the core of MEDSA's business does not imply that the Company is any the less capable in other areas of security. Manpower cannot be considered in isolation; it must be regarded as an integral part of any effective security plan.

MEDSA Is The Only Security Company In JORDAN Who Whenever Trusted With A Security Duty Insures The Security Project With Its Personnel Besides The Social Security Umbrella.

To arrive at a practical and well-balanced solution, the following research / preparation has to be undertaken:
(i) An assessment of the threat.
(ii) A survey of the site to be secured.
(iii) The composition of an appropriate security plan.

This process, which is an essential prelude to the production of a coherent and comprehensive proposal, is well within MEDSA's capability to perform: the Company has experts proficient in practically every aspect of security.

Musa Abdul Hamid Al-Majali
M.E.D.S.A  Managing Director And Chairman Of Jordan Security Companies Association.

MEDSA  is a private Jordanian registered company & Its The Only Security Company In JORDAN.