2nd Day

A.m. A visit to Jerash and Ajloun Castle. Lunch at a local restaurant in Jerash.

A 45 minute ride from Amman north through the lovely hills of gilead will bring you to Jerash. This city of ruins, set among woods and green country-side, will draw you into the History.
The colonnaded sreets, huge Roman Forum, and early Byzantine churches will all tell the story
of this

once busy ancient market town. Founded by the soldiers of Alexander the Great in 332 B.C., it rose through the roman period and gradually fell into decline after various invasions and Crusaders, until it was rediscovered in the 19th century. Climb the heights above the temple of Zeus and you will find spectacular views. Sit in the 5000 seats open theater, where the ancient tragedies were performed-and savage life-and-death struggles took place between man and beast, and you will be amazed by the acoustics which are better than many modern buildings.

Every july, Jerash comes alive for the month-long festival.
The streets are lit up again, and the stages filled with music, poetry, dance and theater from every corner of the world, all against the enchanted background of the sleeping city of the ancients.

P.m. A visit to the Dead Sea.
After a swim and a shower, dinner can be had there on the beach or return to Amman for dinner at the hotel. The Dead Sea is unique and legendary. Read a newspaper or drink a cup of coffee when you go in for a swim - you you can't sink ! Feel the bounciness of the water, silvery - blue by day, glistering at sunset, shimmering at night, it is surrounded by looming hills which add to the mystery.
Here, at the lowest spot in the world, you almost feel yourself sinking into Mother Earth.