3rd Day

Half day tour of Amman and a visit to the desert castles, dinner at hotel.

Philadelphia, the old name given to Amman, was mentioned in the Bible and enjoys quite a few remains of its own. The huge Roman amphitheatre in the middle of the city is still used today while the two old changing rooms have now been turned into folklore museums. A pleasant five minute walk along the freshly built square and gardens of hashimieh brings you into the souks of the capital. Enter another real and learn to haggle - whether its a

sheepskin you want or water pipe, the trader will argue with you, laugh with you and offer you a cup of coffee as you bargain in the traditional Arab way. Don't take his first price - you'd bet letting him down. the citadel provides a fine view of this hilly city. Gaze down on the white building scattered up and down the slopes, and visit the national museum.

The desert- you've always wondered what it was like - the vastness, the harsh beauty, the silence - but no words or pictures can do it justice.

The desert castles come from a different age - the age of magnificence. Here the caliphs and viziers of the early Arab empire, afraid of becoming soft from city life, came to find their desert roots but couldn't quite leave their luxury behind. At Amra you will see the tiled baths and frescoes that greeted them on their return from hunting.
At Azarq, follow in the footsteps of T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia ), who adapted it as a base for the final victorious assault on the Ottomans in the World War 1 - the beginning of the modern Arab World.