5th Day

A.m. Petra will cast a spell over you.

As you enter the long narrow passage into the canyon, riding a horse led by the guide the buildings seem to slowly emerge out of the rock. The Ancient Nabataeans carved houses, tombs and temples out of the sides of the valley, creating a mysterious hidden city. The sun plays on the rock, changing it from res in the glow of sunset to deep purple in the twilight.
The treasury, is almost surreal, a classical facade carved out of pink limestone. Everywhere inside the canyon lie the remains of the city which is still being uncorvered. For climbers, a path up to the top of the cliff will show you the full wonder of this city of the desert.

P.m. A visit to Wadi Rum to see the sunset and later to stay overnight in Aqaba.

Wadi Rum is in another dimension. A huge plain in between two enormous cliffs, where you feel the wind in your hair, with sand under you feet and a pale sky over your head, you will feel a freedom difficult to find elsewhere. The vastness is strangely relaxing. Visit the fort and your imagination will be fired - the swinging gates and gun towers conjure up Lawrence of Arabia and glorious adventure. Lawrence, in fact, did travel up the Wadi in the fighting against the Ottomans. The Desert patrol in their handsome bedouin uniforms, also present a dashing sight.

They are very friendly, will answer your questions and offer you coffer with traditional bedouin hospitality. Wadi Rum is one of those places where you discover at one and the same time, how quaint a place can be.