10th Day

Start : Petra
Route : Wadi Musa, Wadi Rum
Overnight : Wadi Rum Camping
Birds are thinly distributed in Wadi Rum, You will look for the local pair of Verreaux's Eagles above the precipitous cliffs, and bellow them you will see Mourning and Whitecrowned Black Wheatears perched on bushes and rocks.

Wadi Rum is a huge plain set in between and around towering cliffs, a spot difficult to erase from one's memory. With the wind in your hair, sand under your feet and a canopy of pale sky over your head, you will feel a freedom difficult to find and perhaps envisage elswhere. The vastness is strategely relaxing. This place is associated with Jordan's history through T.E. Lawrence, who travelled up the wadi before ambushing the Ottoman's in Aqaba. Infact the famous film, Lawrence of Arabia, was shot there.

The Desert Patrol always present at the site will be wearing their handsome bedouin uniforms. They present a dashing sight. They are very friendly, will answer your questions and offer you coffee with traditional bedouin hospitality.

Your experience of Wadi Rum will be unique . Count the stars in the clear sky above after watching the most sensational sunset of your life. Sleep in tents according to authentic Bedouin style in a camp specially laid out and
eat the traditional food for dinner in the almost deafening stillness of the quiet desert.