2nd Day

Start : Amman
Route: Jordan Rift Valley, Dead Sea, Shuayb Dam.

Overnight : Amman
Leaving in the morning you will descent to the Jordan Rift Vallay, pass the signpost marking "Sea-Level" and then continue to the Dead Sea.
The Jordan Valley, commonly known as Al-Ghore, lies on one of the two migration routes that pass through Jordan (the other being throught Azraq).

Birds that migrate from Europe to the south in the fall and return north in the spring are usually observed here. The Jordan Valley, a semi-tropical area, is a must for bird watchers because of the large variety of resident and migrant birds.

The shores of the Dead Sea, (407 metres belowe sea-level and the lowest point on earth), offer a habitat for a variety of desert specialities, including Desert Lark, Arabian Babbler, White crowned Black Wheatear, Sand Partridge, Black start, Fan-tailed Raven, Bonnelli's Eagle and Tristram's Grackle, you will visit an area of fresh water springs that hold a number of waders and nearby bushes offer cover for migrants and breeding of the highly-localised Dead Sea Sparrow.

Your drive back will start with a visit to a reservoir at the foot of Wadi Shu'ayb and also a stop amidst the orange blossom half-way up this lush wadi. Birds you look out for should include Smyrna Kingfisher, Cretzchmar's Buting, Masked Shrike and Orange-tufted Sunbird.