3rd Day

Start : Amman
Route : King Talal Damn, Dibbin, Ajlun, Jerash.
Overnight : Amman
You will visit this hilly and forested region of north Jordan rich with Aleppo Pines, Oaks and Strawberry Trees and find a selection of migrants in addition to the local breeding birds.

Here, the avian speciality is the Blue Tit (This is the only place it can be found in the whole Levant area), which should be at home amongst the Jays, Wrens and Blackbirds.

Aljun Castle built by Saladin to protect the vital trades routes to Damascus. For centuries the fortress held a vital strategic role in the region as, looking down from its windy heights, half of ancient Palestine lies beneath you.

Jarash, one of the Roman Decapolis cities in Jordan, is set among woods and green country-side. The colonnaded streets, huge Roman Forum, and early Byzantine churches will all tell the story of this once busy ancient market town. Founded by the soldiers of Alexander the Great in 332B.C., it rose through the Roman period and gradually fell into decline after various invasions and finally ruined because of an earthquake during the 3rd. century A.D. it was rediscoverd in the 19th. century.

Climb the heights above the temple of Zeus and you will find spectacular views.
Sit. in the 5000 seat open air theather (still used today for the annual Jerash Festival ), Where the ancient tragedies were performed and savage life and death struggles took place between man and beast, and you will be amazed by the acoustics which are better than many modern theaters. Blue Rock Thrushes and Black-eared Wheathers nest in these ruins.