4th Day

Start : Amman
Route : Kharaneh, Amra and Azraq Wetland Reserve
Overnight : Azraq Rest House
Your journey to Azraq will take you trough the Al-Harra or basalt desert. you will pause at the ruins of Kharaneh, (an 8th century Omayyad Castle),

further on you will look for Temminck's Horned Lark and perhaps Red-rumped Wheatear

Qasar Al Amra, (an Omayyad Bath-House), situated on the tree-lined Wadi al Butum where you will look for migrant birds. you may be lucky and discover a thrush Nightingale or Collared Flycatcher, amongst the Lesser Whitethroasts. Redstarts and other more common migrants.

Azraq (Wetland Reserve) is a famous springs-fed oasis renowed for its birds, out unfortunately pumping of water to supply Amman and local agriculture has stopped the natural flow into the marshes.

More than ever a local knowledge of the few remaining sites is needed to make the best of this area. If winter rains have flooded the vast mudflats, there may be more birds than we can cope with, but regardless you should find the whole selection of migrants than pass through this area.