6th Day

Start : Azraq
Route : Madaba, Wadi El-Wala, Wadi El Mujib and Kerak.
Overnight : Dana Nature Reserve

This will be a long day as you will drive through the dramatic scenery of the King's Highway, a root passed by many trades, army and pilgrims

You will stop at Madaba, home to the ancient 6th Century mosaic map of Palestine located in St. George's Church and continue to Wadi Al-Wala and from there to Wadi Al-Mujib.

Wadi Al-Mujib (Where limestone rocks form ledges in this arid Landscap) is an interesting area because of its altitude zonation. From the wadi edge you will look for the Mourning Wheatear and the Desert Lark. Further down you will look for Jordan's National Flower (Black Iris).

A tour of Karak Castle (12th Century hilltop fortress with dark passages and underground galleries used by the Mamlukes and Crusaders) will be possible.

You will arrive to Dana Nature Reserve Campiste whose buildings merge with landscape late in the afternoon. Here Orange-tufted Sunbirds flit between the tents and you will hear the singing of Black eared Wheatear and Hoopoe. You may also hear Scop's Owl, Hume's Tawny Owl or Eagle Owl all present in the reserve.