9th Day

Start : Petra
Route : Visit Petra
Overnight : Petra

Petra offers excellent opportunities to see birds of the mountainous desert Fan tailed Raven, Rock Martin, Scrub Warble, Orange tufted Sunbird and Barbary Falcon can be seen, along with the local speciallitythe Sinai Rosefinch.

Raptors migrate over the site and you may be lucky to witness a spectacular passage - Steppe Buzzard, Black Kite and Steppe Eagle are the most numerous but up to 15 species are possible. For those interested, an evening trip can be made in the hope of hearing Hume's Tawny Owl which are found in these hills.

Take a break from birdwatching and enter the ancient world of the Nabataeans. Petra will cast a spell over you. As you enter the long narrow passage into the canyon, riding a horse, it's hooves echoing in the mountainous terrain and led by a groom, the buildings start to slowly emerge out of the rock with the sun's ray's reflecting on the rose coloured sandstone turning it to red in the glow during the day and purple during the sunset. The ancient Nabataeans carved houses, tombs and temples out of the sides of the valley, creating a mysterious hidden city.

The treasury, the first building that you first see is almost surreal, a classical facade carved out of pink sandstone.

Inside the canyon lie the remains of the city which is still being excavated. for the fitter members of the group, a path leading up to the top of the cliff will show one of the full wonder of this city of the desert.