It all started 12 years ago, in 1989, when a handful of engineers from Jordan thought of starting a company to address the IT needs eminent at that time. Powered by their experience, steadfastness and background education, they took on this task. They started from the basics and began building what today became one of the best IT companies in Jordan.

Today empowered with over 18 prominent partners on the International IT scene and continuously looking for new markets to penetrate, STS remains over and above all committed eternally to those who got it there in the first place, its customers. Hence, we are always delivering what we promise our loyal and unwavering customers.

The aim of STS when penetrating new markets is to benefit and actively utilize its past experience and edge into translating these bold leaps into actual steppingstones and live examples. Prior to spinning off any of its sister companies, it first utilizes all its experience and knowledge to identify both the needs in the new market as well as realistically evaluating its own potentials. Entering first with its well-established foundations, it paves the way for a new offspring to be delivered.

Being all situated under the same roof, STS sister companies, share in the daily occurrences of STS as a whole. Hence, it is the norm for such successful collaborations to take place in an environment characterized by teamwork, mutual respect and will to succeed and be the best. Many live examples of such collaborations and integrations have been offered throughout the years and many more are in the process of being released.

True art does not lie in the different methods used to catch a fish instead what is truly important is how to keep the fish alive as long as possible outside its customary habitat. Hence, STS' strategy does not lie in simply attracting customers, but in prolonging the relationship so as to make our habitat their own.

Being always in direct contact with customers, we at STS must be able to comply with their needs, address their wants and meet their expectations, as well as, keep firm and fruitful relationships with our vendors, while, at the same time safeguarding our edge and competitive advantage against the competition. How do we do it ? The answer is Focus. We test the water before plunging in, we taste before we scrounge and we feel before we grasp. All our actions originate from our unified way of pursuing new events and which in turn is monitored by our focus on how things are taking place outside, while at the same time, being always alert to what is going on within.

Success should always be viewed as a process. Hence a company, as a whole ought to be viewed as one possessing a successful attitude, but not as one with only a potential of accomplishing a number of successful feats but has never realized them. Success shapes and itself is shaped by the company’s vision, interaction with other companies and its proactive relationship with its customer base. This is our motto at STS, we are continuously changing and evolving, we do not ponder over our successes, instead always look for others. The key to our success lies in the fact that we are never fully satisfied with what we have already achieved. We do not simply discard it in search for another; instead we mould it into a well-supported key-base assisting us in opening closed doors and penetrating new markets.